How to Download Digital Products

If you have never purchased a digital product, hey, there is a first time for everything!  Congrats and Thank you!  

Here is a step by step HOW TO DOWNLOAD FILES RUN DOWN.

*If you are still a bit nervous or unsure, send an email to with any questions you have!

Step 1: Add to cart

Add product you want to purchase to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Shop more?

Once the new window pops up, you can decide if you would like to continue shopping for more digital products, repeating the process OR immediately check out.  

Step 3: Check out.

Click Check Out and provide your payment information.

Step 4: Head to your email

Once your payment has been received, you will receive a series of two emails. YAY!

This confirmation contains your order number which is handy to keep in case you need to reference it for questions or licensing verification if you are using my products for commercial purposes.  


Shortly after you receive your order confirmation, you will be sent the second email with a link that will direct you to your digital download!   


 It is best to download from a personal computer, if possible.

  • If you are on Mobile and are having trouble, please know that the problem isn't the link, but the device blocking it to protect you from potential malware contained in a untrusted download (no my products do not contain any malware, i promise!)  Just know if you are having trouble accessing that link, do try a desktop computer if you can.
  • My digital products are contained within a .zip format and that will also be something you will have to figure out on a mobile device, usually with the help of a 3rd party app! What is a zip file and how to use it?

Step 5: Download!

Once you are on the download screen, you can see your links, you can choose to right-click with the mouse and save your files to a specific spot on your computer where you know how to locate it or simply click the link and depending on your browser preferences, your files will download directly to the spot where you specified in your browser preferences, desktop, or downloads folder.   

It's just a matter of knowing where it is downloading to, if you are not sure, I suggest using the first, right clicking method! :) 

Step 6: Find your files and unzip. 

Unzipping is necessary because it compresses the folders and keeps the file together for transporting over the internet!  If you are unsure how to unzip, check out What is a zip file and how to use it?

 Step 7: Pat yourself on the back, you did it!  

Now is the fun part, once you have unzipped your files, they are ready to be used within graphics software, cut on your die cutting machine or printed, depending on what type of files you purchased. 

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